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Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors are a cost-effective way to increase capacity of an area for additional manufacturing space or storage.
Racking or Structural mezzanine floors consist of a platform that is supported by racking or structural beam sections configured underneath.
Mezzanine flooring can be used to double or even treble your floor space by building an extra floor within the height of an existing building or unit.  Mezzanine floors are a quick and cost effective alternative to moving premises.

Available mezzanine floors:  (mezzanine features)

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Mezzanine floors are made to the exact specifications as per the customer’s request.
All of our mezzanine floor are freestanding and can be dismantled of relocated if necessary.

Mezzanine floors can be used to:
o store bulk items in a big op area
o accommodate shelving for smaller parts
o create extra office space
o utilize overhead space for extra storage
o install work benches for a manufacturing area
o improve distribution in a warehouse area

Different types of decking used on mezzanine floors:
o shutterply boards
o open steel floor panels
o closed steel floor panels

All our mezzanine floors can be fitted with staircases, hand railing, chutes, conveyors and partitioning if required.


Structural mezzanine floors are suitable for applications where minimal obstructions under the floors are required.

Suitable applications:
o office area required underneath mezzanine
o open area required for work stations and manufacturing areas
o to park vehicles underneath
o retail area

This floor system can carry much heavier loads than the rack supported mezzanine floor:
o 250 kg/m² – 2000 kg/m²

Our structural mezzanine floors are custom made from IPE and Universal Beam sections, which means we can tailor make the mezzanine to suite your exact requirements.
All of our structural mezzanine floors are approved by an independent structural engineer prior to manufacturing. A structural engineer’s certificate can be provided if required.


Racking mezzanine floors are built by using pallet racking to support the floor.
This floor design has more obstructions under the floor area but can be designed to suit the specified area.
Racking can be extended through the mezzanine floor to create walkways between the racking and this allows the weight to be direct on the foundation.

Racking mezzanine floors are a lot more cost effective than Structural mezzanine floors.

Suitable applications:
o To create multiple storage levels under mezzanine area with open area on top
o To create multiple storage levels below and on top of mezzanine
o Ideal for bulk document storage
o To create partition type storage under mezzanine

This floor system carries lighter loads:
o 250 kg/m² – 500 kg/m²