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Specialised Racking

Our specialized racking systems are manufactured for special type of storage solutions. It is a system that is not standard and is manufactured to the exact specifications of the customer.

Popular specialized racking systems available:

Other systems are available on request.

See more photos below:




Drive-In pallet racks are the most economical solution for storing products that have low turnover levels and a high number of pallets per SKU.
Drive-In pallet racking provides one of the highest density storage systems available, with up to 85% storage increase over standard selective pallet racks.
This back-to-back racking design allows for fewer forklift aisles and is managed by the last-in/first-out system. Our Drive-in racking is manufactured to accommodate many applications.


Drive-in racking can be designed to suit any application from 2 pallets deep to 20 pallets deep.
With Drive-In racking, accessing the racking is only possible from one side (LIFO method). With drive-through racking, the racking can be accessed from both sides (FIFO method) at the same time making the retrieval of pallets a lot quicker.


The Drive-in system consists of the following:
• End frames joined together by Frame spacers
• Rail support Arms
• Form-Type pallet rails: (see rail)
– This rail is proven to be much stronger than other rails and it also prevents the fixing screws from damaging the pallets. Form-Type rails allows the driver to store and retrieve pallets much easier that standard type pallet rails.
• Top support Beams
• Pallet back stop beams
• Top and back bracing on each bay.
– This bracing is essential to make sure that no sideways movement occurs when loading the racking.
• Column Protection to guard against accidental forklift damage
• Guide rails fitted under the frames to help guide the forklift in the racking and also prevents any damages to the frames.


Before entering the aisle, the truck lifts the pallet to the required racking level. The truck must not be wider than the pallet. Sideways seat stackers are particularly suitable as they provide the operator with unobstructed visibility also during reverse travel.



Cantilever racks are generally used for certain product types. This system is for long lengths which need unencumbered special handling storage.
The racking consists of vertical members (columns) and horizontal load supporting members (arms) which are suspended from the columns.
The arms are connected to the columns using and is adjustable if required.
Cantilever systems are ideal for any situation where “open face” entry is required giving uninterrupted access to larger than average products.


Cantilever racking is a superior storage system when trying to store long length products such as lumber, carpet, pipe, or furniture.

o No Obstructions from vertical members
o Easy Assembly: a Cantilever rack base is welded to the cantilever column for extra rigidity.
o Adjustable: Cantilever rack arms are easily relocated as product needs change.
o Complete Access: Cantilever racks offer full frontal visibility.
o Efficient: Store more product in the same space with single-sided cantilever rack or double-sided cantilever racking.
o Versatile: Store anything by adding plywood or other fixed shelving to the cantilever rack arms. Flat surfaces for any imaginable length of product, no matter what the shape.

Cantilever rack is designed for single and double sided column use.
Columns can be pre-punched on both sides for conversion from single-sided to double-sided layouts.


The racking can be loaded by hand or by means of forklifts.
Products need to be loaded uniformly on top of the arms assuring that the load is evenly spread.
Different types of product can be stored above or side-by-side of each other to allow for easy access.
All bases are anchored to the ground